How Can We Help Your Business?

Our bookkeeping services can help ensure your business has proper accounting and records for all types of business cycle needs.

Good bookkeeping is the backbone of any business – and critical to long term success!  Our bookkeeping process includes the following:

  • Maintaining Transactional Data in Logical Format
  • Recording Journal Entries and Other Accounting Needs
  • Trial Balance, Financial Statements and Timely Support
  • & Much More!

Accounting Cycle (High Res)(Final) copy

Gathering Transactional Data

​​There are 3 methods of collecting and storing transactional data that we use (receipts, invoices, etc.)

  1. Upload or email an excel template in which you input amounts into predetermined categories.  You agree all transactions exist and to keep the actual source documents logically organized and available as support.  This is the easiest method for new clients who are not as familiar with our services and want to maintain the full privacy and control of their records.
  2. Upload all actual source documents and transaction registers to a secure, but easy accessible cloud provider. Dropbox is a common platform used. Dropbox’s security complies to HIPPA and SOC requirements. Licenses are cost effective and data can be accessed through a web or app platform. This method is best for clients who are more comfortable with letting their accountant do most of the work.
  3. Upload documents to your own private data storage and management system. We work with local technology companies to ensure the best return on your investment. Data is stored in your private “cloud”, monitored 24/7 for breaches, backed up daily, and recoverable in the event of a disaster. Sites are located in Michigan, with access to nationwide sites should you choose, and compliance is provided by a local company that you have access to directly. Projects like this are highly customized and take several months to implement properly.

Recording Journal Entries (Bookkeeping)

Your accountant will record all appropriate journal entries and create and maintain a full audit trail. All of our accountants are local Michigan Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who are independent, confidential, home based, and fully compliant with continuing education. All are required to be members in good standing of the Michigan Association of CPAs, and follow the American Institute of CPAs guidelines for services provided. In creating the right plan for your business, you will work one on one with your accountant, and they will continue to be available as needed over the phone, online or in person. There is a mutual trust and partnership that must naturally form in order to gain the most from the services provided.

Trial Balance, Financial Statements and Timely Support

Depending on your business’s transaction volume and requirements for reporting, your records will be prepared into financial statements at designated intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).  We also provide tax filings as needed.  All information is provided to you or for access by your chosen employees.  In the event of an audit or review by a 3rd party professional, your accountant will be available for ongoing support of any transactions they recorded.  They will also help ensure your data storage system is kept organized and well maintained to support all transactions recorded.  The goal is to ensure all of your accounting needs are fully met.

Does this sound like it might work for your business?

Give us a call, send an email, or message us on Facebook.  We work with all of Michigan.  Our home base is in Otter Lake, Lapeer County.  No matter how you reach out, we prefer to schedule a time to first speak with you over the phone before discussing any details of services needed.  We understand the delicate nature of this business and are fully confidential, professional, and patient in our process, while applying creativity and practical advice when beneficial.  We require mutual respect for accounting best practices within State and Federal laws.  We want your business to succeed!  Please contact us today for more information about us or our services!