Understanding Accounting for Leases

Understanding Accounting for Leases   Accounting for Leases for Business Owners Lease accounting can be tricky.  New accounting standards require a lease to be recognized on the balance sheet as an asset and a liability.  This can can present many challenges for businesses in determining the right steps in accounting for leases.   At face…

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Working with a CPA Start Up to Maturity

Working with a CPA from Business Start Up to Maturity   When starting a business or recruiting the members of your team, hiring a CPA or specialized accountant is often an afterthought.  Or, a reactionary process in response to tax return needs or regulatory requirements.   While these are certainly justifiable reasons, this isn’t the “value”…


Bridging the Banking Gap for Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Businesses

Access to traditional banking resources is one of the most significant roadblocks affecting the medical marijuana industry.  Businesses in some states have gained traction in changing this barrier.  However, upcoming commercial medical marijuana businesses in Michigan are largely predicting to remain unbanked when licenses are issued.  The state is proactively working towards possible solutions.  However…