What Can You Help My Business With?

We specialize 100% in accounting services for medical marijuana businesses and caregivers, in all states where cannabis is medically legal. We are thorough, ethical, and detailed in our application of accounting and business best practices – your business will be in the best of hands when you work with us. Here are just some of the things we can help you with:

Accrual Based Bookkeeping

We offer full support and timely recording of accounting transactions, applied under GAAP compliance, along with financial reporting information. Full services are provided for a monthly fee based on transaction volume.


Cloud Record Management

Information source records, such as invoices, receipts, etc. are managed in a cloud based system, offering compliance and “audit trail” readiness. Systems are secure and can be customized to need.


Cost Accounting Services and Consulting

We focus on properly applying costs to inventory, as well as helping determine creative methods to strengthen business goals while maximizing allowable investment in Cost of Goods Sold.


Internal Control Consulting Services

Providing guidance and best practice methods surrounding important accounting controls, including cash controls, inventory controls, and employee controls.


Accounting System Setup Services

Best designed for Caregivers looking to do their own bookkeeping, we offer assistance with accounting system setup and guided information on how to do your own accrual based bookkeeping!


Start-Up Business Planning and Consulting

We offer planning and consulting services focused on new business development, including financial projections, marketing concepts, investor “thought” guidance, and business best practices.

How Can We Help Your Business?

At LC Solutions Michigan, we offer full accounting services, encompassing your medical cannabis business’s entire cycle of needs.

Our process of full-service accounting support helps every transaction to be accounted for properly, including allocations to inventory and cost of goods. By offering our clients ongoing services, we can help ensure that their accounting records are both accurate and useful for decision making needs. What we can do for your business:

  • Complete accounting cycle support including bookkeeping and audit trail maintenance

  • Best practices and methods for proper cost accounting and Section 280E compliance

  • Offer timely reports, advice, and tools for the decision-making process.

  • & Much More!

We're Here to Help Your Business

When it comes to your medical cannabis business, accounting can be a challenge.  We’re here to help you through it.

LC Solutions Michigan PLLC was founded in Otter Lake, MI and is woman owned and operated.  Our CPAs remain up to date with licensing requirements and emerging accounting issues, for both State and Federal Purposes.

Our mission is to offer professional services in a supportive, forward thinking way, to help this industry be better rooted financially and to provide a platform for acceptance and business best practices.

We work with clients across the United States, but are licensed as a CPA firm in Michigan only.  We offer services to all sectors of the legal medical cannabis industry, including Cultivators, Processors, Provisioning Centers, Testing, and Transportation.  

Years of Experience to Help You

LC Solutions was founded on the basis of a traditional “Patient First” attitude.  Our years of accounting experience serve to better this industry as a whole.

Our intent is to help clients in the cannabis industry thrive in in their accounting and reporting processes and develop long term strategies to support business growth, compliance, and financial strength.  We are thorough in our application of accounting best practices, and support business integrity and social responsibility.  We work hard to help ensure our clients have accurate financial reporting, proper cost accounting, and complete accounting cycle support throughout the year.

LC Solutions Michigan PLLC is committed to hiring only accountants and CPAs who demonstrate positive actions towards the medical cannabis industry and working with clients in a professional, supportive manner.  All of our CPAs have former audit and business experience, as well as advanced education in cost accounting, agricultural accounting, and inventory management.

  • To provide a needed service in a manner complimentary and in tune with the Medical Cannabis Industry in Michigan

  • To offer innovative business practices to increase financial reporting and compliance to accounting standards and business regulations

  • To promote business acceptance and best practices both within and externally for Michigan’s Medical Cannabis Industry